Ashley Frieze, Del Strain and Dick Underwood
An hour of comedy from these three misfits of the comedy circuit. They have toured the seedy function rooms of far too many pubs around the country and are ready to let loose their own particular brand of wit in a room with proper seats.
Ashley Frieze is a musical comedian with a difference. The difference is he cannot play guitar very well. Hiding this disability with plenty of laughs, Ashley's infectious smile and good-natured charm take the audience on a journey into the absurd, via the gutter. "Certainly knew how to raise the big laughs" Edinburgh Evening News.
Del Strain is an escaped Glaswegian who is not frightened of looking at the underbelly of society and making people laugh at it. His audience is filled with fear and amusement in equal measure as his gag-intensive story unfolds and blurs the line between cynicism and celebration of the nation's underclasses. "Streetwise edgy Glaswegian" The Guardian
Dick Underwood has been in the RAF, worked in a mental hospital, managed a hostel for the homeless, provided counselling to the Emergency Services, and been a policeman, a civil servant, a local government officer, and a minister of religion. After all of that, it's hardly a surprise that he brings a fearless energy and worldliness to his vast array of one-liners. "Top Notch" Bob Strong, BBC Radio

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