What makes you laugh? Why do we laugh? What's so funny about sitting in a room for an hour while people talk and sing at you? Find out as award winning comedian Hannah George and her trusty man-servant, musical funster, Ashley Frieze, take you on a journey into the dark corners of light entertainment.

Warning: this show contains at least seven jokes, and scenes of mild peril.


Three Weeks - Edinburgh 2009
There's surely a certain satisfaction in having to clamber over a packed-out and eager midday audience to reach your stage. Consequently, Hannah George and Ashley Frieze were in great spirits as they stumbled through a cleverly conceived set. Despite a clumsy beginning they eventually established that comedy education is their game, and in one hour a vague attempt to categorize jokes into seven genres was made. This led to quick fire quips with a brand of self-deprecating and fragile humour that was both raw and fresh. Don't expect even a modicum of useful information, but learning was never required for laughter. So if they sweep away the cobwebs, here's an act that should definitely return for another bout of wit tuition.
tw rating: 3/5

The Seven Deadly Jokes comics Hannah George and Ashley Frieze is an hour-long comedic tour, touching on different joke forms and musical comedy.
Some well-placed double entendres and a memorable song about a cat-bothering, promiscuous dog brought raucous laughter. The show is free a treat in the current climate and, although there were a few stumbling blocks, their partnership makes for an entertaining show.
Robert Head



19 performances in 2009:

  • Edinburgh Fringe - August 16th - 30th 2009, 1.25pm (14 performances)
  • Cambridge - June 13th 2009, 4pm
  • Brighton Fringe - May 18th - 20th 2009, 7.45pm
  • Leicester Comedy Festival - February 7th 2009